What is the probability that a leap year will contain 53 Sundays?




Step by Step Explanation:
  1. There are 366 days in a leap year.
  2. If we divide 366 by 7 (since there are seven days in a week), we will get a quotient of 52 and a remainder of 2.
    This means that a leap year will have 52 Sundays, 52 Mondays, 52 Tuesdays, 52 Wednesdays, 52 Thursdays, 52 Fridays and 52 Saturdays.
    Apart from these there will be two other days.
  3. The two days could be (Sunday, Monday), (Monday, Tuesday), (Tuesday, Wednesday), (Wednesday, Thursday), (Thursday, Friday), (Friday, Saturday) or (Saturday, Sunday) - a total of seven combinations.
  4. Out of these seven combinations, two of them have a Sunday.
  5. So, the probability that either of those two days will be a Sunday is  

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