Grade 6 Math

Grade 6 (All topics)

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Large Numbers (7-Digit to 9-Digits)
   Representation of Large Numbers
   Successor and Predecessor
   n Digit Numbers
   Place of a Digit
   Compare Large Numbers
   Operations on Large Numbers
   Rounding Numbers
Roman Numerals
   Introduction to Roman Numerals
   Write Roman Numerals for Natural Numbers
   Write Natural Numbers for Roman Numerals
   Meaningless Roman Numerals
   Compare Roman Numerals
   Operations on Roman Numerals
   Word Problems on Basic Arithmetic Using Roman Numerals
Whole Numbers
   Introduction to Natural Numbers and Whole Numbers
   Operations on Whole Numbers
   Introduction to Integers
   Representation of Integers on a Number Line
   Successor and Predecessor of an Integer
   Comparing Integers
   Absolute Value of an Integer
   Operations on Integers
Factors and Multiples
   Factors and Multiples of a Number
   Tests of Divisibility
   Prime Factorization of a Number
   HCF and LCM
   Fraction and Fractional numbers
   Fractions on a Number Line
   Fraction as a Part of a Collection
   Fractional Part of a Collection
   Identifying Like and Unlike Fractions
   Unit Fraction
   Proper, Improper and Mixed Fractions
   Equivalent Fractions
   Simplest Form of a Fraction
   Comparing Fractions
   Operations on Fractions
   Introduction And Reading a Decimal Number
   Place Value Chart
   Expanded Form of Decimal Numbers
   Like, Unlike And Equivalent Decimals
   Ordering And Comparing Decimals
   Relate Decimals and Fractions
   Addition and Subtraction of Decimals
   Multiplication and Division of Decimals
   Numerical Expressions (PEMDAS/BODMAS)
Ratio and Proportion
   Word Problems On Ratio And Proportion
Unitary Method
Algebraic Expressions
   Operations on Literals and Numbers
   Variables and Constants
   Powers of a Literal And Coefficients of an Algebraic Expression
Linear Equations in One Variable
   Understanding Linear Equation
   Writing Statements as Equations and Vice Versa
   Verify that the Given Solution is the Solution of the Linear Equation
   Solving Linear Equations
   Word Problems Based on Linear Equations
   Area of a Figure Composed of Unit Squares
   Perimeter of a Figure Composed of Unit Squares
   Perimeter of a Triangle
   Perimeter of Polygons
   Area and Perimeter of a Rectangle
   Area and Perimeter of a Square
   Circumference of a Circle
   Understand the Basic Terms in Geometry (Point, Line, Line Segment, Ray, and Plane)
   Types of Lines
   Collinear and Non-Collinear Points
Three Dimensional (3-D) Shapes
   Identifying 3-D Shapes
   Faces, Edges and Vertices of 3-D Shapes (Cuboid, Cube, Cone, Cylinder, Sphere, Pyramid and Prism)
Linear Symmetry
   Linear Symmetry Around Us
   Linear Symmetry in Geometric Figures and Alphabets
Data Handling
   Introduction and Tabular Representation of Data
   Bar graphs
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