On what date do we celebrate India's Republic Day? (Write your answer in Roman numerals)


XXVI January

Step by Step Explanation:
  1. We know that the India's Republic Day is celebrated on 26th of January. We are basically being asked to convert 26 into Roman numeral. Now, let us write 26 in its Roman numerals.
  2. The basic Roman numerals are:
    Roman numeral ^@I^@ ^@V^@ ^@X^@ ^@L^@ ^@C^@ ^@D^@ ^@M^@
    Number ^@1^@ ^@5^@ ^@10^@ ^@50 ^@ ^@100 ^@ ^@500 ^@ ^@1000 ^@
  3. Based on the above rules, we may break the given number into easy repeating and non-repeating units of Roman numerals as ^@10 + 10 + 6.^@
  4. The Roman numeral for ^@10^@ is ^@X ^@ and ^@6^@ is ^@VI,^@ and since we know that to add two Roman numerals, we write the smaller numeral to the right of the larger numeral. So ^@26^@ is ^@XXVI.^@

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