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The cost of 2kg of apples and 1kg of grapes on a day was found to be $160.After a month, the cost of 4kg of apples and 2kg of apples is $300. Represent the situation algebraically 

you olve it by the method of linear equation in two variable.then you plot the graph of the solution . agar solve nahi hota to comment kar dena.


olve nahi solve

Let cost of 1kg apple=a.

So cost of 2kg apples=2a

Therefore, cost of 1kg grapes=160-2a

So cost of 4kg apples=4a

And cost of 2kg apples=2a

So total cost=4a+2a=6a

Thus 6a=300

So a=300/6=$50

Setting cost of 1kg grape=160-2a with a=50,we get

Cost of 1kg grapes=160-(2*50)=160-100=$60

Therefore, Cost of 1kg apples=$50

And, Cost of 1kg grapes=$60.

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