Grade 6 - Ratio-and-Proportion

(Sample Printed worksheet)

Answer The Following

1)If the cost of 18 kgs of maize is $ 800.1 then what is the cost of 37 kgs?
2)In your school's library, there are 600 storybooks and 1500 textbooks. What is the ratio of the storybooks to textbooks in the library?
3)Helen's car can travel 440 km using 44 liters of petrol, whereas Laura's car can travel 432 km using 48 liters of petrol. What is the ratio of the distances that the Helen's car can travel using one liter to the distance that Laura's car can travel using one liter of petrol?
4)Kimberly runs around the park 7 times and covers a distance of 10.85 km. The next day she runs a 7.75 more km than she had the previous day. How many rounds of the park did she take on the second day?
5)Ronald gets a salary of $ 34800 every month and he sends $ 4800 out of that to his parents. What is the ratio of the money he sends to his parents to the amount he has left over?

Fill in the blanks

6)The ratio of speed of two cars is 3:4. If first car covers a distance of 200 km in 4 hours, then second car will cover km in 3 hours ?
7)Anthony and Daniel started a competition to see who can collect the most number of stamps. At the end of one month, the ratio of the stamps Anthony had to those that Daniel had was 26:41. Daniel then collected 400 stamps in one day and the ratio then became 26:51. The number of stamps that Anthony now has is

8)If you were asked to divide $ 540 into three shares proportional to 7, 6 and 5, then what is the value of the largest share is $
9)Brian gets 18 days as holidays in 2008. The ratio of holidays he gets to the the number of working days is :

Choose correct answer(s) from given choice

10)The ratio of 4 hours 10 minutes to 19 hours 10 minutes is
a. 5:23 b. 24:5
c. 6:23 d. 23:5


1) $ 1644.65

2) 2:5

3) 10:9

4) 12

5) 4:25

10) a. 5:23
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