Grade 6 - Ratio-and-Proportion

(Sample Online worksheet)

Choose correct answer(s) from given choice

1)Any ratio can be written in its simplest form by dividing both the antecedent and consequent by their :
a. 1 b. larger value
c. HCF d. LCM
2)Two walls of a an Indoor Stadium have to be painted. The first wall is of length 19 meters and height 7 meters. The cost of the paint for this wall is $ 38 per square meter. The second wall is of length 15 meters and height 9 meters. The cost of the paint for this wall is $ 35 per square meters. The ratio of the costs of painting the first wall to the second one is:
a. 723:675 b. 721:676
c. 722:675 d. 38:35

Fill in the blanks

3)If the cost of 9 kgs of maize is $ 476.55 then the cost of 19 kgs is $
4)William is 42 years old, and his neighbor Ruth is 62 years old. In 10 years, the ratio of their ages will be :

5)The ratio of 240 ml and 1.86 l is
6)The ratio of the lengths of any two sides of an equilateral triangle is :
7)In an examination which has questions worth 100 marks, Daniel scores 45 marks while David loses 49 marks in his paper. The ratio of the marks of Daniel to that of David is :

8)All the students in a class went to the fairground for a picnic. Out of these, 36 decided to try out the Ferris wheel, while 52 decided to board the Merry-Go-Round. The ratio of the students who chose the Ferris Wheel to those that chose the Merry-Go-Round is :
9)If the width of a rectangle is 150 cms long, and the perimeter of the rectangle is 8.52 meters, then the ratio of the width of the rectangle to its length is :
10)William's toy car can travel 180 meters in a minute while Michael's toy car can travel 18.36 kilometers in an hour. The ratio of the speed of the cars belonging to William and Michael is :
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