Grade 6 - LCM-and-HCF

(Sample Online worksheet)

Fill in the blanks

1)Find the highest common factor (HCF) of following:
A) HCF of 64 and 40 is .
B) HCF of 154 and 187 is .
2)The least common multiple (LCM) of 64 and 80 is .
3)The two numbers nearest to 50000 which are exactly divisible by 4, 8, 2, 7, 3, 5, 6 are and .
4)Two tankers contain 500 litres and 600 litres of petrol respectively. The largest measuring container which can measure the petrol of either tanker exactly will have a capacity of litres.
5)204 cola cans and 391 fruit juice cans need to be stacked in a school canteen. If each stack is of the same height and is to contain cans of the same type, the greatest number of cans each stack can have is .
6)The largest number which divides 1229 and 362 leaving remainder 5 is .
7)5 bells ring at intervals of 24, 324, 18, 42, 36 seconds respectively. If the bells ring together at 11 O'clock, they will ring together again at time ::. The number of times they will ring together in 4158 minutes will be .

Choose correct answer(s) from given choice

8)A lighthouse has two lights - one that flashes every 5 minutes, and another that flashes every  
  minutes. Suppose the lights flash together at noon. What is the first time after 2 pm that they will flash together again?

a. 2:01 b. 2:03
c. 2:02 d. 2:05
9)Xanthrope is a comet that orbits around the sun once in 16 years, and Sunerva-Primo is a comet that orbits around the sun once in 240 years. The last time they were seen together in the sky was in 1991. In which year will they be seen together in the sky next?

a. 2225 b. 2231
c. 2249 d. 2237
10)Michelle and Sharon are friends and basketball coach too. Michelle goes to Modern school every 3 days and Sharon goes to Modern every 7 days to deliver coaching classes. If they both delivered the coaching sessions today, how many days in the next 84 days they both would take the session on the same day ?
a. 3 b. 6
c. 5 d. 4
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