Grade 10 - Real-Numbers

(Sample Printed worksheet)

Answer The Following

1)Find the smallest number which when increased by 11 is exactly divisible by both 154 and 220.
2)Jeff and Michelle are racing on a circular track. If Jeff takes 180 minutes and Michelle takes 99 minutes to complete the round. If they both start at the same point at the same time and go in same direction, after how many minutes will they meet again ?
3)Using Euclid's Division Algorithm, find the HCF of 248 and 224
4)Three person go for morning walk together. Their steps measure 66, 108 and 120 respectively. At what distance their steps will meet for the first time after starting the walk ?
5)In a school annual day function parade, a group of 1488 students need to march behind the band of 416 members. The two groups have to march in the same number of columns. What is the maximum number of columns in which they can march ?

Choose correct answer(s) from given choice

6)Two tankers contain 1568 litres and 544 litres of petrol respectively. A container with maximum capacity is used which can measure the petrol of either tanker in exact number of litres. How many containers of petrol are there in the first tanker.
a. 44 b. 32
c. 49 d. 31
  is __________ number
a. a whole b. a rational
c. a natural d. an irrational
8)√3 is __________ number
a. a rational b. a natural
c. an irrational d. whole
9)Two tankers contain 1620 litres and 558 litres of petrol respectively. Find the maximum capacity of the container which can measure the petrol of either tanker in exact number of litres.
a. 18 b. 17
c. 21 d. None of above
10)n2-n is ________ for every positive integer n.
a. negative b. odd
c. can't say d. even


1) 1529

2) 1980

3) 8

4) 11880

5) 16

6) c. 49
7) d. an irrational
8) c. an irrational
9) a. 18
10) d. even
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