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What is the total length of the pole in centimeters if 80 cm is buried in the ground?

a. 350 cms b. 110 cms
c. 358 cms d. 430 cms


The Answer: 350 cms

350 cm

(a) 350 cms


(a) 350 cms


WE know that :-

1m = 100 cm

Therefore, 2.7m = 2.7m * 100cm

                          = 270cm ( =height of the pole above the ground)

It's given that 80cm more is buried in the gorund due to which 80cm needs to be added to the height of the pole above the ground ie. 270cm

 So, 270cm + 80 cm = 350cm

Hence, the actual heigt of the pole is 350cm


when we look carefullly,we will find that ,

length above ground level + length below ground level = total length of pole

at first, we find lenght of pole above ground level=2.7m


                                                                                       =2.7x100=270.0 cm

now, length of pole below ground level=80 cm[ as we need to convert both measures in one unit that is why we have converted it into cm]

total length of pole=270+80=360 cm, 3.6m


sorry by mistake 

total lenght =270+80=350cm

              350/100   =3.5m

350 cms.



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