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Triangle and its properties

How do you find square root??

multipy that number with itself

Suppose it is a bigger number and we have to find it's square root


Q. Find the √100100.

Ans. ?

Do square root with long division method.

Did not teach in school...????

Factor the number and see if there is a rational solution
For example:
and there are no rational solutions because not all of the exponents (powers) of the factors are even
If you really want to solve it, the only way is to estimate or do it on the calculator

A sqrt of a number with a rational solution would be 396,900 (i just randomly typed it in the calculator)
because 396,900=$2^2*3^4*5^2*7^2$ and all of its exponents are even, and the solution would be
$2^(2/2)*3^(4/2)*5^(2/2)*7^(2/2)$ = 630.

Sorry I thought there was LaTeX form, ignore the $ signs please

the answer is 100100*100100=100200100

Thank a lot guys...????????????????

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