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what is 1o base system

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How many 4 digit whole numbers are there in base-10 system?
a. 999 b. 9000
c. 9999 d. 1000

Discussb. 9000

Hi Poulina,


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I agree that most of the kids in this grade may not be aware about what is base of a number.

Let me explain,

When you right a number e.g. 364, how does it represent the value three hundred and sixt four.

This comes as following,

364 = 3*10*10 + 6*10 + 4


So digit at nth place (from right)  carries weight of 10 multiplied n times.

So base value of 6 here is actually 60.

That is why these are called base-10 numbers. 

When you go in higher grades, you will learn about numbers of base 2 (in a base2 numbers 1 + 1 = 10, strange for somebody who only known base-10 numbers).


Now, lets come to the question of finding count of 4 digit number,

Smallest 4 digit number = 1000

Largest 4 digit number = 9999

So total 4 digit numbers = (largest - smallest + 1) = 9999 - 1000 + 1 = 9000



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